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About Us


To create awareness regarding the importance of mental health, emotional well being and suicide prevention


To advocate mental health education and suicide prevention through collaborative efforts


To empower communities by providing information and opportunities to seek help and overcome the stigma associated with mental health and suicide.

Our Purpose

Praan Foundation is a community of likeminded individuals who have come together to create a positive impact in the world of mental health through collaborative efforts. We aim to take a multidimensional approach to address mental health and emotional wellbeing issues, and positively influence the community on the importance of it.

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Our Services

Counselling and Psychotherapy

and Psychotherapy

Praan Foundation provides individual and group counselling and psychotherapy services where you can talk about and work through your emotional difficulties with a trained counsellor/therapist. This is safe and non-judgmental environment for anyone working on their mental health or even just looking for personal growth.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Wellbeing program

Praan Foundation provides EAP programs that help you understand the mental and emotional needs of your employees and give them counselling services that creates psychological safety at work.

Counselling and Psychotherapy


Praan Foundation facilitates support groups on issues that have a shared experience, creating a safe environment for likeminded individuals to share, learn and grow together.

Counselling and Psychotherapy


Praan Foundation's outreach programs are centered around creating awareness regarding mental health. The sessions reach out to all sections of the community, helping educate them on their own mental health and taking proactive steps to care for it.

Counselling and Psychotherapy


Praan Foundation provides a free-of-cost telephone helpline at +91 9595280280 wherein anyone across the country can call and have a conversation about any aspect of their mental health. It is a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to provide psychological first aid.

Please get in touch with us at +919595280280 or write to us at info@praanfoundation.org to find more about our services.

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Emotional Tool Kit

Our emotions can trigger all sorts of behaviors— uncontrollable anger, crying spells, self-loathing, and other not-so-positive reactions. Managing your emotions takes a dose of willpower, plenty of awareness, lots of resilience, among other self-care tools. Are you ready to build your own emotional toolkit? Here is what you can do:

Pause and take
a deep breathe

Smile and give
yourself a hug

Go outdoors

Get quality sleep

Eat healthy
and mindfully

Put on your favorite
music and dance

Journal your
thoughts and feelings

Spend time with
your closed ones

Do something creative

Share what's
on your mind


An affirmation