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The Leadership Team


Surya Pulagam


"Everyone has an inner/outer dimension. Praan started with the idea of providing people the means to connect with their inner self, mostly when the mind is vulnerable to negative thoughts."


Swetha Dutt


"What’s my contribution to the world? How can we support and empower individuals and communities who just need a small nudge or an opportunity that helps them take a step towards making that positive change? This has always been a topic close to my heart, my motivation to be able to drive initiatives to support that change."

PRAAN is one such initiative through which we are doing our bit for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. One small positive action does create a ripple effect and this community driven initiative is working towards just that.

Let’s create that ripple effect together!
Favourite quote:
"Become a person of value than only a person of success.


Meet the Core Team

Rekha Lagu
Counseling Team Lead

"Everyone needs someone to help them through the maze in their minds. As a mental health professional I believe being empathic and ethical we at Praan can help you along this journey to a better, safer and healthier future”

Leela Sujit
Business Development & Operations Lead

“I believe that each individual has the potential to create the kind of lives and relationships they desire when they start believing they can…. Most of the times this self-belief is lost in the Hussle bustle of life. At Praan, I wish to explore positive ways of reconditioning the limited thinking patterns, belief system and behaviors to uncover the results desired for their lives, business and relationships. I am passionate about people and treat them with empathy and compassion. I find joy in helping others live a more fulfilled life..”

Anupama Rao
Community Engagement Lead

"We are all faced with challenges throughout our lives, our goal at Praan is providing safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can explore the answers to your challenges without worries. We value your ability to learn from your strengths as well as your weakness and help you transform positively."


Therapy or Counseling:

Therapy is a process that helps you in different areas of your life like relationships, stress, career, personal growth and so on. You and your therapist/ psychologist will address different areas of your distress.
Talking to family and friends is certainly helpful, but counselling/therapy is designed to help you understand behavioural patterns, make sense of emotional experiences and create goals for your progress in an holistic, scientific and systematic manner.
It can help you manage an ongoing distress like stress, anxiety, grief, relationship issues or proactively better prepare you for an upcoming distress like unwanted change, separation, leadership roles etc. . Your therapist/psychologist will be working with you towards common go

At Praan, we believe that the client should have complete freedom to choose the right therapist for them. You can choose the therapist from our pool of counsellors. If your desired counsellor is unavailable, we will suggest another counsellor who is equally competent to work with you.
The duration of the therapy depends on the issue, the intensity of the problem and your own involvement. However, we suggest an average of five sessions as it helps the client and the counsellor to dig a bit deeper into the issue and come up with conclusive progress.
Just be open and ready to discuss your problems with your counsellor. If something is not working for you, communicate the same with your counsellor. The first session is about building comfort and rapport with your counsellor. So help your counsellor build that with you.
Therapy is never about questioning your ability to manage your stress/problems. It is about empowering you to manage that same problem better, by giving you a holistic view of the problem along with a non-judgemental perspective. This means that in the process of therapy, you will start seeing the same problem through various angles which is almost always of h

Absolutely! Confidentiality in counselling is a basic aspect. Except for your therapist/ counsellor, no one will be privy to your confidential information which you share with PRAAN and the information shared will be discussed only to improve our services upon your consent.

Since all of us are different and there are different styles of counselling, it might happen that you don’t find the right fit with your existing counsellor. In that case, you can simply choose to continue with another counsellor from our pool of available counsellors.
Therapy can help you with emotional, behavioural and cognitive issues. Some common issues are stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, marital, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, career, productivity, mood swings, anger, adjustment, trauma, abuse, grief and loss.


You can choose from our range of therapy packages that best suits your need here.
You can hold on to the unused sessions and use it in a further date as your follow up sessions.

Booking a session:

Clink on the link here here to choose the therapist/counsellor and your convenient time for the session. .
In case the client needs to cancel the pre-booked appointment, the same should be done 24 hours prior to the time of appointment and the amount will not be refundable instead the session can be rescheduled.
Yes, you can. You can choose from our pool of counsellors depending on your comfort. Each counsellor’s introduction has a brief of their expertise. This information can help you choose the right counsellor for you.
Yes, you can reschedule the session anytime before 12 hours of the session slot. After that, you will not be able to reschedule the session. This is mandated to make sure that the schedule of our counsellors is respected including your own time.
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