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Real Stories

Sharing your story is an act of courage; it has the power to heal you and make a difference to those who read it. We at team Praan want to help you share your story, write to us at info@praanfoundation.org


Little sister,

You were my friend, my go-to person, we spent so much time playing together. I don’t remember how it happened or when it started but I stopped thinking of you as my friend. Mom and Dad said ‘don’t take a girl, boys are playing’. As I grew older, I made more friends, but you had only me. I was wrong to leave you behind. I should have been there for you more as your older brother.

I want you to know, I’m sorry I missed a big part of your life, sorry I didn’t call more.

I am scared of how you will feel when I say this to you.


Dear Everyone,

I come from a family that expected me to be perfect and qualified. Since I was a young child I dreamed of being a filmmaker, but I gave those dreams up for them. Even though I got the degrees they wanted, I felt like a failure. I was back to square one.

I was stuck, I didn't know where I was going. Those were the darkest days of my life; I was depressed for two years.

Something changed, I took 6 months for myself; I read, watched movies and travelled. I discovered myself. Today I have a job where I use my creative side and I am happier.

I want you to know that these tough times will pass. They made me stronger, I know whatever comes I can face it!


To the guy who spread rumours about me,

I come from a humble family in a village. I love my parents very much and I promised them at a very young age that I would always do what they asked, including marrying a man of their choice.

When you proposed and I said no, you spread rumours that I am your lover, that we are in a relationship. Everyone found out and this hurt my family a lot. It was not my mistake but I suffered; my mother didn't talk to me for 3 months and I wanted to kill myself.

My future depends on my dignity and respect and you brought me shame, I am angry with you.



You were my best friend and I thought we were a happy family. You were my protector, you made sad days happy. How could you leave without an explanation or a goodbye?

I shut down, I became an angry kid. I tried to fill that void you left but it was hard.

Years passed this way, I kept looking for peace. The more people I met, the more my perspective changed on what you did.

I don't hate you Dad, you made your choice. I think you would be proud of the person I have grown up to be.

I want you to know, you can come back to our lives. Things will be the same, Dad. I miss you.


To everyone,

I come from an army background where expressing emotions is considered a weakness. "Get a grip", "Don't cry you are strong!"; I learnt these messages quickly. I was open and receptive when others shared their feelings, but I didn’t have the same kindness towards myself. Years later, I began to train to be a counsellor. This changed my life; I learnt to accept and express my feelings. It was a beautiful awakening.

I want you to know that emotions make you human and being vulnerable is true strength.


Dear ME,

Remember those carefree days when you did things that made you happy? What happened to that girl?

Marriage changed you. Even though you loved your new family, you gave up your wishes and your freedom. You changed the way you dressed while trying to be the "good girl". I know you did it to make everyone else happy, but you compromised on so much that you stopped believing in yourself.

I want to tell you that even though this is not what you wanted, you have come this far. It's better than it was, it will only get better now.



I want you to know that sharing your emotions is the best feeling in the world. My needs are simple - sleep tight at night, surrounded by loved ones and keep nothing bad or sad in my heart. When I was younger and hurt, I ran away from home. Hungry, alone and suicidal, I thought a lot. I realized how important my family is, their support and love is everything to me. I live mindfully, say what I feel and forgive easily. It's an easy funda, keeping things in your heart and not sharing them will make you sick!