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Trust Me.

Trust me.

November 2, 2021

Trust Me.

Trust me.

"Trust me sweetheart, this time it will be different"
He won her over yet again with his soothing voice and his puppy dog eyes.
She embraced the love, not knowing it was just a mere trap.
Days and nights passed, her pillow wept, trying to console her.

"Love is supposed to be felt deep; it's not all rainbows and sunshine"

A knight in shining armour, is what he claimed to be,
Little did she know, his lacerated gestures were gifts that kept on giving.
Piercing her fragile heart into pieces, devouring her pain. 

"The bruises make me stronger, it strengthens our bond"

She slowly turned into a monster, longing for more, her body crying for escape.
Her silence turned into panic, walking on eggshells, the world crumbling beside her.

"You are safe with me" his words slithered through her mind like a serpent.
What seemed like crisp cool water down her desiccated throat,
Transformed into deadly poison stinging her tears.

Her pale arms tore as she clutched onto the spiculed walls of his dungeon, trying to crawl back up.
But he submerged her back into the void, cut her wings off and clasped her face. 

"This is your home now"
Greedy for more, her love consumed him, feeding his devilish ego, while she was thwarted by it.

His rose tinted world became her wonted despair.
Fettered to his charming lies, nothing was ever enough.
He was the scarring of an open wound, that she foisted herself on.
His toxicity burned, like whiskey cascading down the wrong pipe.

"Trust me sweetheart, this time it will be different" 

Praleena Mohan