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Through The Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

October 27, 2021

Through the Looking Glass

Standing in front of the mirror, who do you see?

Do you see the imperfectly perfect version of yourself - all those past mistakes, those experiences, which made you bold, strong & powerful or do you see someone who is trying hard, to live up to everyone else’s expectations of the ideal self trying hard to bury the dreams deep within?

While you reflect, anxiety creeps in as a silent thief, over a few things at first, later moving on and taking control of our life, forcing us to overthink about the future, sometimes leading to many a sleepless night. Anxiety just invades our happiness and takes away our peace of mind and then what?! We take the easy way out - living the same day, everyday, the same routine, every week, every month without putting a lot of thought into who we are, what we want and where we want to go. Soon we become accustomed to it & it becomes our only reality.

We accept it as our comfort zone and abide by living in a socially acceptable way. 

Let me tell you a little secret, this was not the way we intended to live. We are here to experience life, the way we want to,  to take in everything and anything we are offered.  To find beauty in small things of nature. With our own ups and downs, our unique challenges which are meant to discover our limitless inner strength.  Anytime if you are still inclined to overthink, or a wave of anxiety overpowers you, just take that risk, do something you never did, but always wanted to, feel that adrenaline rush,  just do anything you need to feel alive! You just can’t ever get enough of that feeling. Tomorrow need not be a thing of dread but a beginning of endless possibilities.We need to make our life our own reality and live it to the fullest the way we were always meant to be.

Apurva Prabhudesai