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The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill

November 25, 2021
The Magic Pill

Why is mental health not included in school curriculum? Why is the government spending only 0.2% of the budget, when they are supposed to spend 20%? 

And this is the REALITY we are facing today!  The Pandemic has taught us all a very important lesson about why mental health is as much as (or) even more important than physical health. And it's high time now, we all start taking mental health seriously to keep unforeseen circumstances at bay. In this ever changing world, where there is stress, fear and a whole bunch of uncertain events, it is extremely difficult to cope with the situation & move with the flow of life. But, if you put efforts to develop a mental stamina, it is believed to assist in conquering any barrier and adapt yourself to the ‘NEW NORMAL’.

Everyone is so busy searching for the truth outside that they have forgotten about the world which exists inside. The inner world is constantly calling us, but we are not ready to hear. Because of which stress, anger and loneliness have dominated our lives, making the situation more worse than it could possibly be.

Therefore, it is quintessential for us to first know Who we are and What is our Purpose?

But, is there any mirror or a device which will connect us to our soul? 

NO, There’s a more Powerful technique which is absolutely free of cost, easily available & accessible: MEDITATION, which allows us to dive deep inside ourselves and explore our inner world & in no time, it would transform us into the strongest version of ourselves and improve us mentally, physically and emotionally, JUST LIKE A MAGIC PILL, YOU TAKE IT & SEE THE MAGIC!

Presksha Porwal