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Domestic Abuse In The Light Of The Pandemic

Domestic Abuse in the light of the pandemic

November 25, 2021
Domestic Abuse in the light of the Pandemic

Domestic violence has been an ongoing problem since the beginning of time. The most common understanding of domestic violence is where men usually abuse their spouses over petty things owing to the fact that they are married and need to agree and accept everything they want and do. Domestic violence can also occur in cohabitations such as live ins. This form of violence can be, not only physical but even mental, spiritual, emotional, economical, and so on. Marital rape and physical abuse are sadly the most common forms of domestic violence, and most of the victims CHOOSE NOT TO SPEAK ABOUT IT due to societal pressure and thought that they would bring shame to the household. Some others also choose not to share their thoughts fearing that nobody would trust their word.

Amidst the many dreads brought by the pandemic, it has also led to a steady increase in the number of individuals suffering through domestic abuse. It has been reported through studies that about 1 in 3 women around the world have been experiencing domestic violence during the pandemic. In the first week of the pandemic in the month of March there were twice the number of registered complaints as compared to other months. 

According to a study by the National Commission of Women, married women were now working for about 70 hours per week and women felt trapped in their houses with no “breathing space”. They were asked to support the entire household by cooking and cleaning and doing all chores. The tasks for working women were even cumbersome. They had to juggle all of the housework as well as their work. Amidst this, due to increased stress, more women were subjected to constant abuse by their partners.

After presenting these facts, I lay out a few questions for the readers:
Is using physical force the only way to vent out frustration?
If you identify a woman in your circle experiencing abuse, would you raise your voice in her support?

I believe this is the failure of a collective society rather than a group of individuals that has led to this state and if we do not work together on this soon we would be doomed to a life without trust, love and peace amidst partners and couples.

Dhruv Rathour