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CONFESSIONS: Addiction To Life After 11 Years Of Suicide Struggle

CONFESSIONS: Addiction to life after 11 years of Suicide Struggle

November 2, 2021

CONFESSIONS: Addiction to life after 11 years of Suicide Struggle

“I stand at the edge of my life thinking daily of some miracle to happen. Alas, things still look gloomy and the roads look dark. My struggles seem to be never-ending. Every day is just like another day. A bitter feeling of worthlessness engulfs me and pushes me to an edge. I want to end this pain once and for all. There are many who claim to love me and care for me but none seem to be beside me. Ending it seems to be the only solution but then comes the voice of these little angels who depend on me.  I am torn between my responsibilities and my pain. I reach out to friends to seek help but to no avail. I had 2 options, either to let go or pull myself together. While I had every reason to give up, there was still a small spark for me to stay.”

This is a real account of a person who struggled for years and finally reached out to PRAAN for help. Suicide prevention begins with recognising and responding to the warning signs. This could be happening with anyone around you, a family member or a friend. 

Signs that you can identify: 
- Extreme mood swings 
- Sudden silence 
- Being aloof or not wanting to meet people
- Feeling helplessness  
- Getting affairs in order like creating a will 
- Talking about suicidal thoughts

What can you do?
There is a lot that can be done for Suicide Prevention.  Strike a conversation and lend an empathetic ear to the person. Give them the confidence that you are there to help. Be non-judgmental.  

Get Professional Help
It takes a lot of courage to help a suicidal person. Be proactive and guide them to speak to a PRAAN counsellor. We all go through situations but suicide isn’t a solution. You should know you are not alone. Remember. Help is just a call away. Speak to a Trained Distress Helpline Volunteer at +919595280280.

Also remember your present situation is not your final destination, the better tomorrow is yet to come.... 

Nidhi Bhasin Rohilla